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private training

so many ways to get fit!

One of our awesome clients working out outside the gym with a medicine ball on a beautiful sunny day.

1-on-1 Training

1 on 1 Personal Training is the safest, most effective way to achieve your fitness goals.  Workouts are customized to YOUR specific goals, abilities and needs.


Whether you are dealing with a shoulder injury, chronic inflammation, training for a marathon, or a desk jockey wanting to improve your range of motion and prevent injury, your body is going to have specific needs to get you to those goals.


We work directly with those needs and possible obstacles. I do a thorough evaluation including a movement assessment, range of motion, posture, strength and cardiovascular fitness. Workouts are customized with specific exercises and other techniques to address muscular imbalances etc. to keep you moving efficiently and pain free.


During your workouts 100% of my attention is on YOU. We perfect your form, make adjustments to an exercise or an entire workout depending on what your needs are that day! Have a tough hike or stressful week? We can switch you a yoga or self massage session as needed. This makes Personal Training is the most effective way to perform better in your unique body and life demands.

partner training

Have a friend or two that you’d like to workout with? Is meeting your friend for croissants or beers not doing your body any great services?


Why not change your routine together and still have fun. Partner Training can be a BLAST and super motivating! This is also a more affordable way to get personal training.


Train at our studio, or outside. Every workout is unique and guaranteed to be FUN and challenging for everyone!

Partner Training sessions focus on YOUR groups goals and may include:

• Functional Full Body weight exercises
• Cardio/Plyometrics
• Strength Training 

• Yoga

• Self Myofascial Release


A couple, having fun foam rolling at the end of a workout
Post Falls personal trainer Louise, doing burpees with her virtual clients during a partner session.t,

virtual training

Are you bored of your exercise routine, or stuck not knowing WHAT to DO? Or maybe you don’t like the gym but you still want to move and need a little accountability!

The beauty of virtual training is that I can make sure you get an amazing workout that’s just right for your body, without leaving your house!


With Virtual Personal Training, you don’t have to go it alone. Workouts are customized to YOUR equipment (whether you have any or not), space, goals and fitness level. All you need is a computer with internet access and a working camera.

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