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ABOUT Louise

About Louise

Studio Owner / Personal Trainer / Yoga Instructor / Health Coach


In 15 years, I have trained over 12,000 sessions and have enjoyed each & every one. My clients are all unique and so is each workout we share. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE what I do.  


I get to work with some amazing people and help them achieve things they never imagined they could do, or forgot that they once could. They gain confidence and become empowered by new healthy choices and body movement. I get to help people reduce and relieve PAIN! We all know that AMAZING things can happen when we are feeling great!


Basically, my job is to challenge you more than you would challenge yourself so that you can realize your full potential! However, there’s A LOT more to being a GREAT personal trainer than just making you do more reps!

Post Falls, personal trainer, Louise hiking with her dogs.
Louise in college, prior to her health journey, 60 pounds heavier

Want to know
why I'm NOT

and how I
got into health
and nutrition?

I approach each training session with the individual in mind. We start with a full health history, fitness assessment and posture/movement assessment. I meet you where you're at, and we progress from there at a pace appropriate to you.

By having an understanding of your exercise history, injuries, mobility and lifestyle I help you realize their physical potential. I base exercise choices on improving functional movement, core stability and balance, to work the body the way that we use it in our daily lives. I combine that with the proper balance of strength training, endurance, and flexibility/mobility work -- specific to the clients wants and needs. So every workout is customized to your overall individual needs; and to that specific day. I use my creativity to keep you motivated and excited to exercise by making every workout fun, challenging and unique.


Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, I lived in Seattle for 19 years, and moved to Post Falls in 2019 with my husband and two furry kids. We are thrilled to have a little more space to raise chickens, garden and breathe in lots of fresh air!  I enjoy hiking, back-country skiing, trail running, yoga and making ceramic art. I enjoy helping people become stronger and more confident through achieving their fitness goals. I believe that with a little structure, accountability and encouragement everyone can enjoy a healthy balanced lifestyle.


  • Functional Training

  • High Intensity Interval Training

  • Barbell Strength Training

  • TRX Suspension Training

  • Balance & Core work

  • Posture Correction & Mobility/Flexibility Work

  • Body Fat Reduction

  • Health Coaching


  • Empowered Performance Movement Assessment - 2023

  • Certified Yoga Instructor - 2019

  • Certified Tabata Instructor (HIIT) - 2018

  • Certified Health Coach -Healthy Edge- 2015

  • Certified TRX Trainer - 2016

  • Therapy Ball Practitioner in Self Myofascial Release (YTU) - 2014

  • Certified Personal Trainer - NPTI - 2009

  • Nutrition Consultant - NPTI - 2009

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts - Ohio University - 1999

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