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class Descriptions

Building a community of Strong, fit people

A pair of clients having fun with a Wall Ball exercise, during a group fitness class

resistance revolution

This is a high energy group fitness program that incorporates strength training, balance, agility, core stability, cardiovascular exercise and flexibility/mobility training. Whether you exercise regularly or haven't worked out in years, we offer the tools and motivation you need to reach your athletic potential.


Every workout is unique and guaranteed to be FUN and challenging for everyone! Your experience includes constant motivation, positive reinforcement in a fun, safe environment for different fitness levels, ages, and sizes.


This is not a large class where you get lost in the crowd. Instead, you receive the individual attention of personal training at a more affordable rate.

Here's the Details:

We are a small group working together to increase strength and stamina, improve muscle tone, burn loads of calories, reduce stress and boost self esteem. We train indoors at Boost Fitness Studio, and a bit outside when the weather is nice : )

* Class Size is LIMITED, so register early!


Power Yoga

A challenging, yet accessible, ALL Levels Power Yoga practice. There is usually a flowing sequence with the ability to modify the movements to your needs.


Each class is focused on blending flexibility with strength and stability to keep you strong yet supple (not overly stretched).  Extra attention is paid to breath and posture. You will work hard and most likely sweat!

A power yoga class doing twisted crescent lunges.
A gentle yoga class, breathing and relaxing in childs pose

Gentle yoga

A slower paced yoga class, still focused on strength and flexibility, just more gentle. Gentle yoga is great for beginners, those healing from injuries, or those who have trouble spending a lot of time on their wrists.

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