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my story

As many of my clients know, I am a personal trainer who makes exercise feel like RECESS with RESULTS! I am not your average trainer, and because of this clients travel far/wide to work with me; and they continue for years. My holistic passion for movement, nutrition, and connection make working out with me a true experience, not just something you dread or tick off of your “To Do” list. There are however, a few things many do NOT know about me...

For one, I was never the typical “gym buff” turned trainer.  While I've always been physically active, I was more the artsy type; with a BFA in sculpture and graphic design. I was also that college student who gained the freshman 15, except for me it was the freshman 50!

Upon graduation I moved to Wyoming and fell in love with hiking, which helped me lose most of the weight through more exercise intensity and reducing processed foods. I then moved to Seattle and did graphic design for 9 years until 2008 when my world suddenly turned upside down. Bad food poisoning combined with stress and trauma triggered something in my body and I got really sick. After many tests and doctors appointments I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Chron’s Disease.

At the time, I felt devastated and hopeless. Looking back, I realize it was a wake up call that empowered me to change my course. In many ways this blessing in disguise helped make me the healthy person I am today! 

I’d been unhappy with a desk job for some time and my passion for health and helping others had been gaining momentum over the years. However, some changes still needed to be made, as I was only 30 years old and got myself a chronic condition. So, I decided to take a big leap. I left my design career and went back to school to become a personal trainer! Alongside this, I continued to learn more and more about functional medicine and healing your body naturally.

Fast forward to today. I have healed my gut by eating to reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, reduce my toxic load and release stress from the body. You see, while a genetic component along with other factors may have triggered my condition, I still have control over my body through a wonderful thing we now call Epigenetics! Which is basically changing behaviors like eating and exercise to effect how your genes work.

I honestly feel better in my 40’s than I did in my 20’s.

I didn't always like to share this information because I didn't want "Chron's Disease" to be my identity. However, with the huge rise in the population having autoimmune conditions today, I can't hide anymore. I have become a bit of an expert in eating and living to reduce inflammation in the body. So, If you have an autoimmune condition, or want to reduce inflammation in your body can ABSOLUTELY help you in eating an anti-inflammatory diet! Sadly, I have learned that WE ALL have some level of inflammation in our bodies today wreaking havoc in a variety of ways.

I’ve been a personal trainer for 14 years and owner of Boost Fitness for 9. With multiple fitness and nutrition coaching certifications as well as recently becoming a power yoga instructor, I think you could say that this is not just a job for me. I have created a uniquely holistic, balanced way of living and made it my mission to share what I’ve learned with others so they too can feel AMAZING in their bodies!

With an additional specialty in self myo-fascial release/massage, I’ve helped 100’s of people relieve pain from injury and poor posture. I’ve helped them return to sport or activity so they can perform better/safer and play longer. I’ve helped people improve sleep, increase energy, reduce need for medications, improve mood, libido, brain health..the list really does go on, and that’s why I jump out of bed in the morning!

Aside from the knowledge and experience I use to help clients get results, the reason people stick with me is that I connect and build lasting relationships. They are more than just a paycheck to me. I listen deeply to understand what my clients really want, and use this to design their workouts and hold them accountable.

The main reason I workout is so that I can play hard outdoors and in life without getting hurt, to reduce stress and calm my nervous system, keep my bones and heart healthy, my mind sharp. I want to move WELL until the day I die. The saying, use it or lose it is so, so true.


Are you ready to make LASTING changes
to your nutrition and lifestyle,
so that YOU can FEEL AMAZING?


Do you need some honest feedback on your nutrition habits and what’s holding you back?


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