Louise is knowledgeable and energetic, yet patient and kind. She always has new and interesting workouts but lets me get familiar enough with things to feel at ease. She has really helped me feel comfortable working out for the first time and brought me a long way to recovery from a debilitating injury. She gets me through a workout even on a bad day, and helps me celebrate small victories. Thanks, Louise! 

Kim W.


Louise is passionate about what she does and makes you feel the same way by focusing on what you want out of training. She asks you how your body is feeling and goes from there to provide a workout based on your body and your goals, spending as much time as you need to explain and model each exercise. The training session is never boring because it's different each time and Louise keeps you motivated no matter how much you are dragging. She obviously knows what she's talking about and helps you to feel good and look good based on her incredible knowledge and skills as a personal trainer!

Libby S.



Louise is a fantastic trainer! I have been working with her for two years, and it shows. Louise is a good communicator and always makes sure I get the right workout for my goals. I feel very fortunate to have Louise.

Mitch K.


I have been training with Louise over the past 5 years. She is extremely motivating and creates training workouts that push me but also takes into consideration how my body is feeling that day. She is easy to talk to and a fantastic trainer... I highly recommend her energy and style.... She's the best!

Kathy M.


I'm already very excited to see where our work is going to go. Louise is meeting me where I am and designing our work together according to my current fitness level and my goals. She's calm and encouraging in my sessions, and I look forward to meeting with her each week. For someone like me, to say that I look forward to exercise sessions is a pretty big deal. :D

Jessica L.