Support Beyond our Coaching Sessions

Education and empowerment are crucial for this journey. That is why I include lifestyle and mindset support from The Healthy Edge for all of my coaching clients. This ensures you develop positive rituals that last a lifetime. Below is a description of what my clients experience beyond our coaching sessions.


Healthy Edge Lifestyle Program


Recipes & Meal Planning


Healthy Edge Home Kit

The Healthy Edge Solution
The journey to health is just that, a journey. And at The Healthy Edge, we believe in brutal honesty (from a place of love). The journey we offer isn't something you do for 3 months or 6 months and then BAAM...your fixed and life is perfect. In order to continue to enjoy the results of a healthy lifestyle, you have to continue on the journey. (Notice I did not say a perfect journey.)
Throughout the 8-weeks of The Healthy Edge you will learn the TRUTH about:
    •    how your body works
    •    how to properly eat throughout the day
    •    how to work with your body to maximize your metabolism
    •    how to increase the effectiveness of working out
    •    how to really determine if a food in a box or bag is healthy or health-robbing
    •    how to keep stress from affecting your health and body
    •    how to manage work and a healthy lifestyle
    •    what else affects your weight beyond food and exercise
...and so much more!