Boost Fitness Studio


Private/ non-intimidating workout space
Think of our workout studio as your own private mini gym. There is no waiting for workout equipment. There is no crowd to fight or watch you work out..

• Flexible scheduling to meet your needs.

• No Distractions, just RESULTS.



In this private setting we are really able to FOCUS on your form and technique. (in a typical big box gym, clients are often just a number, and there are too many distractions for both trainer and client).

At Boost Fitness, there are no other people or noises to distract you or your trainer from your workout. It's just you, me and your goals.

• Comfortable, Safe and Clean Atmosphere

• Private Bathroom and Shower
You'll have plenty of space, plug-ins and
peace and quiet as you get ready for work or play.

• What gets You moving?

We can listen to music of your choice; loud, soft or none at all.

• Do you like to exercise outside?

The studio is right next to a park and we
can workout there any time you like.